Intelligent digital transformation for banks and financial institutions

Unleash the full power of your legacy IT systems and enable next-gen digital financial services at scale with lower risks, lower costs and faster time to market.

People empowered by apps running on our platform
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Transactions per second at high speed
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A proven, flexible and scalable enterprise architecture that enables rapid innovation.

In today’s financial services landscape, you can’t be limited by technology that won’t scale or quickly and cost-effectively integrate with new networks.

Providing your customers a winning experience means innovating and delivering superior products that beat your competitors to market and work right from day one.

This requires a flexible, scalable, and future-proof architecture that allows you to connect to everything and everyone rapidly, easily, securely, and affordably.


The foundation for an open, cloud-native and scalable digital enterprise.


Unleash your existing capabilities to safeguard IT investments and reduce the cost of change.


Integrate seamlessly with all technologies powering your business capabilities.


Compose integrated capabilities into scalable, tailored products and services.


Collaborate with any ecosystem partner to foster business growth.

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Digital transformation requires thoughtful planning with an agile approach. That's why leading enterprises have Sirius Technologies as their trusted partner on their digital transformation journey.

How It Works

One platform for the entire software development lifecycle.

The cloud native micro-services platform enabling scalable and flexible digital solutions from development to maintenance.

Our solution makes assembly, deployment, and testing of reusable packaged business capabilities quick, reliable and affordable.

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