Meet the accomplished women of Sirius Technologies 

At Sirius Technologies, we are in the business of breaking the status quo. Innovation thrives on shedding outdated conventions, embracing inclusivity and fostering individual autonomy. To drive pioneering ideas, we nurture a culture that champions diversity and open-mindedness.

Our Employee Spotlight series introduces three outstanding women who are making significant contributions to Sirius Technologies. Their dedication and ability are instrumental in advancing our mission of bringing innovative financial services to the underserved in emerging markets.

Prima Rerngronasa

Prima Rerngronasa
Head of Product, Thailand

When I joined Sirius Technologies in March 2022, it was not merely the prospect of career advancement that caught my eye but the company’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive financial ecosystem that uplifts all.

Over the past two years, my dedicated scrum team and I have tirelessly collaborated to pioneer innovative fintech solutions, spanning from robust payment ecosystems to advanced digital wallets.

The strength of my team derives not just from our diverse and proficient skill sets but also from our commitment to promoting equal representation across genders, races and backgrounds.

Every team member is given a say in the decision-making and product development processes. Empowering the individual fosters a positive and enriching work environment that ultimately translates into superior products for our customers.

Today, I am proud to report that the impact of our work at Sirius Technologies has exceeded my initial expectations. We have moved the needle and played a pivotal role in helping the transition of legacy financial institutions into the digital era.

So, to all girls interested in tech, I urge you not to be afraid to embrace your passions. Have confidence in your capabilities! Your contributions can bring meaningful change and drive innovation in this dynamic industry.

Terisa Long

Terisa Long
Head of Project Management Office, China

Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with a full-time professional career presents significant challenges. As a mother of two who is deeply passionate about technology, supporting my professional pursuits while prioritising the care of my children is paramount to me.

I am grateful to have found a home at Sirius Technologies. The company’s inclusive workplace culture has allowed me to fully embrace my role as a mother and my career aspirations. With the flexibility afforded by the management, I can attend to my children’s needs while delivering high-quality work.

I believe in a future where gender holds no sway in the workplace and opportunities are equally accessible to all individuals regardless of gender. Achieving this future requires a shift in societal perspectives and expectations, but it is within reach.

Thinzar Soe

Thinzar Soe
Software Development Engineer, Thailand

During my computer studies at college, I was acutely aware of the gender disparity in the tech industry. Rather than allowing it to deter me, I found motivation in overcoming this obstacle. Determined to excel, I mastered programming languages like Swift, primarily used for iOS development.

Upon joining Sirius Technologies in December 2022, the work environment’s warmth, openness and inclusivity immediately made me feel welcome. While many companies claim to embrace diversity in today’s landscape, Sirius Technologies stands out by genuinely embodying these values. They walk the talk, in other words! Here, diversity is not just a buzzword; it is a fundamental aspect of our culture.

By being receptive to everyone’s opinions and perspectives, Sirius Technologies not only addresses blind spots but also fosters the creation of applications that genuinely address real-world challenges, enhancing individuals’ lives.

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The stories of Prima, Terisa and Thinzar highlight Sirius Technologies’ dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace. We invite everyone to join us in embracing diversity and driving innovation together. Let us work towards a future where equal opportunities are the norm, and every voice is heard and valued.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our inclusive workplace culture or explore career opportunities at Sirius Technologies. We are here to answer any questions and help you find your place in our diverse team.

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